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23 Februari 2021
5.0 Android and Up
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CamScanner – Document Scanner App for Android, PDF Reader, File Manager, Word / Excel / Power Point Document Editor, PDF Scanner, Qr Code Scanner, Image Translate app. Use this dock scanner to convert scanned documents to PDF.

CamScanner is a portable scanner and file storage. Turn your phone into a portable scanner, fax machine, PDF converter, text extractor and document sharing platform. An application that makes it very easy to scan office documents quickly, easily, and with great results

– Adding 500,000 new users daily
– 400 million users in more than 200 countries and regions

Support system: Android 5 / above

—- Main feature —-
[Mobile Scanner]
Photo documents, remove backgrounds, create HD JPEG or PDF files.
Various image processing modes, set manual parameters and convert printout to electronic copy.
[Convert image to text]
OCR, surprise documents, and word chase via word search!
Premiere accounts can listen to text and export it to files that can be edited, copied, saved or shared, supports 41 languages, and is a modern tool for learning and translating foreign languages.
[Portable document storage]
Access and manage documents via mobile phone, tablet, computer, etc.
Label classification, manual annotations, enhanced watermark and electronic signature, document encryption.
[Wireless printing, universal fax]
Support wireless printing and faxing to more than 30 countries and regions.
[Sharing documents]
Super Office Assistant, invite colleagues to view, annotate and share documents via email, link, Weibo, WeChat, etc.

—- Made by 400 million people using CamScanner —–
Entrepreneurs: Scan contracts and documents while working, send instant faxes, and share emails
Students: Quickly clear your friends list, board articles, PPTs, and books.
– Designer: Scan and save design drawings
The painter: Show your painting without a scanner
Travelers: passports, driver’s licenses, plans and maps can be scanned and saved on a mobile phone

—– Upgrade to a Premier account, and enjoy more advanced features —–
– Read and export text and image lists of all documents in .txt files
– Mixed Photo Features: Combine certificates, invoices, and study questions into one
– Book mode: Supports simultaneous shooting of two pages, and it becomes automatic 2
10G super cloud: save files without worrying about less memory
– Share documents in encrypted link format and set the link expiration date
– Upload documents to other clouds like Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, and Baidu Netdisk
Support for electronic signature
– ID Scan Mode: Set the scanned documents to the paper, making it easy to copy the data;
– Private folder: save local documents and add password;
– Create PDF password: Open PDF sharing and add password, sharing confidential files is more secure!
– Remove ads and watermark: Remove ads on all platforms and watermark documents
– Anti-plagiarism: Add a watermark to ward off abuse, illegal plagiarism, etc.
Convert spreadsheets into Excel: You can convert pictorial tables into files, for free 500 times a month
– Translation feature: translate introduction results, support more than 60 languages, 1000 times free per month

Two ways to sign up for CamScanner Premium accounts:
Monthly subscription: $ 4.99 / MO
Annual subscription: $ 4.16 / month

—- Usage suggestions —-
To get clear scan results, please:
Ensure there is enough light, it does not vibrate
– Keep the image loaded with one camera screen

—- Free version instructions —-
– There are ads.
– The PDF includes a “Scanned Using CamScanner” watermark;
– OCR 10 times